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“Your work is like a performance, a happening, a Munchian scream that reminds me of some bold poems of Charles Bukowski I like to declaim and between which Mauro’s dirty riffs fit excellently.”

Dr. Dirk De Wachter, in preparation of co-operation with Babenko and Pawlowski

Upcoming Events

Andrej Babenko participates in a group exhibition and book presentation
INBOX: Marie Peeters drinks Sparkling Water. The exploring voyage of beauty and chance. 
4 Jun - 27 Jun 2021

Campo&Campo #Out of Office : Panamarenko


Flanders Arts Institute included Andrej Babenko to their database

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The Institute charts the visual arts, performing arts and music of Flemish and Brussels artists.

Andrej Babenko is making an art movie!

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Experience a knockout, turbulent brainstorm, echoing the whirlwind inside the artist's brain and soul, like a runaway train going ever faster with no stop. Get to know the artist's many paintings , as well as his performances, inspired by the Russian punk scene of his youth. 


An international collaboration, this project brings together Babenko (UKR/BE), Nick Rock N Roll (Nikolaj Kuntsevich (RU)), and Dominic Wade (UK), the maker of DocoBanksy.


Stay tuned for more information!

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